About Us

Kelp Marine Research is a research organisation specialised in cetacean behaviour and ecology. Central to our research lies the conservation of marine species and their habitat. Our research strategy is aimed at the discovery of natural patterns of behaviour and ecology and how these are affected by current threats to marine life. To investigate pressing, multi-disciplinary questions on cetacean conservation and management, such as the effects of sound in marine ecosystems, KMR collaborates with international experts in marine sciences.

Fleur Visser

Fleur VisserPrincipal scientist - Founder

University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Machiel Oudejans

Machiel OudejansResearch associate

Principal investigator KMR MATTCAT Project

Charlotte Curé

Charlotte CuréResearch associate

CEREMA, Laboratory of Strasbourg, Acoustics group

Onno Keller

Onno KellerResearch assistent

International partners and collaborators