Peer reviewed publications

Lack of behavioural responses of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) indicate limited effectiveness of sonar mitigation

Wensveen PJ, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, von Benda-Beckmann AM, Sivle LD, Visser F, Cure C, Tyack PL, Miller PJO (2017)

Journal of Experimental Biology in press.

Avoidance Responses of Minke Whales to 1-4 kHz Naval Sonar

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An analysis of pilot whale vocalization activity using hidden Markov models

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Naval sonar disrupts foraging in humpback whales

Sivle Doksæter L, Wensveen PJ, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Visser F, Curé C, Harris CM, Tyack PL, Miller PJO (2016)

Marine Ecology Progress Series 562: 211-220 

Disturbance-specific social responses in long-finned pilot whales, Globicephala melas

Visser F, Curé C, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Tyack PL, Miller PJO (2016)

Nature Scientific Reports 6:28641. doi: 10.1038/srep28641 

Biological significance of sperm whale responses to sonar: comparison with anti-predator responses

Curé C, Isojunno S, Visser F , Wensveen P, Sivle L, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Miller PJO (2016)

Endangered Species Research 31:89-102 

Discrimination of fast click series produced by Risso’s dolphins for echolocation or communication

Arranz P, DeRuiter SL, Stimpert AK, Neves S, Friedlaender AS, Goldbogen JA, Visser F, Calambokidis J, Southall BL, Tyack PL (2016)

Journal of Experimental Biology 219: 2898-2907 

Effect of construction-related activities and vessel traffic on marine mammals

Culloch RM, Anderwald P, Brandecker A, Haberlin D, McGovern B, Pinfield R, Visser F, Jessopp M, Cronin M (2016)

Marine Ecology Progress Series 549: 231–242

Severity of expert-identified behavioural responses of humpback whale, minke whale and Northern bottlenose whale to naval sonar

Sivle LD,  Kvadsheim PH, Curé C, Isojunno S, Wensveen PJ, Lam FPA, Visser F, Kleivane L, Tyack PL, Miller PJO (2015)

Aquatic Mammals 41:469-502

First indications that Northern bottlenose whales are sensitive to behavioural disturbance from anthropogenic noise

Miller PJO, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Tyack PL, Curé C, DeRuiter SL, Kleivane L, Sivle L, van IJsselmuide SP, Visser F, Wensveen PJ, von Benda-Beckmann AM, Martin-Lopez L, Narazaki T, Hooker SK (2015)

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Evidence for distinct coastal and offshore communities of bottlenose dolphins in the North East Atlantic

Oudejans MG, Visser F, Englund A, Rogan E, Ingram SN (2015)

PLoS ONE 10(4): e0122668. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.012266 

Predator sound playbacks reveal strong avoidance responses in a fight strategist baleen whale

Curé C, Sivle LD, Visser F, Wensveen PJ Isojunno S, Harris CM, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FA Miller PJO (2015)

Mar Ecol Prog Ser 526:267-282 

The social context of individual foraging behaviour in long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas)

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Rare Mixed-Species Associations Between Sperm Whales and Risso's and Northern Right Whale Dolphins Off the Southern California Bight: Kleptoparasitism and Social Parasitism?

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Body contact and synchronous diving in long-finned pilot whales

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Displacement responses of a mysticete, an odontocete, and a phocid seal to construction-related vessel traffic

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Responses of male sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) to killer whale sounds: implications for anti-predator strategies.

Curé, C., Antunes RN, Samarra F, Alves AC, Visser F, Kvadsheim PH and Miller PJO (2012).

Nature Scientific Reports 3: 1579

The severity of behavioral changes observed during experimental exposures of killer (Orcinus orca), long-finned pilot (Globicephala melas), and sperm (Physeter macrocephalus) whales to Naval Sonar.

Miller PJO, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Wensveen PJ, Antunes RN, Alves AC, Visser F, Kleivane L, Tyack PL and L Doksæter-Sivle (2012)

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Pilot whales attracted to killer whale sounds: acoustically-mediated interspecific interactions in cetaceans

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Discrete or not so discrete: Long distance movements by coastal bottlenose dolphins in UK and Irish waters.

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First confirmed record of a living sei whale Balaenoptera borealis in Irish waters.

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The role of the reactivity and content of iron of aerosol dust on the growth rates of two Antarctic diatom species.

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